There are various ways in which our institution is remembering the suffering of the children in Independent State of Croatia. One of those is annual visits by the Association of detainees ‘Jasenovac’from Belgrade, which is comprised from survived inmates of various concentration camp complexes. As previous years, Museum of Genocide Victims had its representative within the Association’s delegation – it was Stefan Radojković, research associate of the Museum.

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Annual commemoration was held at the children cemetery, ‘Park of Diana Budisavljević’, in Sisak. Commemoration program started with the liturgical ceremony headed by His Grace Bishop Jovan of Slavonia, which was followed by the speeches of survived detainee Mrs. DobrilaKukolj from Banjaluka and the representative of Serbian minority in Croatia, Dr. MiloradPupovac. Commemoration ended with laying white roses and lighting up candles in memory of killed children.

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Museum of Genocide Victims, within the framework of Law on establishment of the Museum of Genocide Victims and according to its principal activities, special attention dedicates to publishing. We think that, by publishing the findings of research projects, which are dealing with smaller territorial units,we are contributing to the research efforts of academic community; especially, when it comes to under researched topics and areas!

Soon, from the printing press, we are going to publish history study by MiloradBelić, ‘Victims of Second World War from Municipality of Valjevo. Members of defeated formations, shot and missing persons’.When it comes to the local historiography, this is the first, professionally researched, study which deals with the revolutionary terror of partisan units; additionally, it brings lists of victims and other relevant data which were obtained during the author’s perennial research.

Publication of this research project was supported financially by the Parliament of the Municipality of Valjevo. Presentation of its findings is scheduled for 22nd of October 2018.

Korice knjiga orahovacki popis II Svetski RatIn accordance with the protocol on cooperation between Museum of Genocide Victims and Serbian Orthodox Church Archives, joint publications are one of the main activities. In the publication of ‘Orahovica’s list of victims during Second World War’ was involved Jasenovac Committee of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church as well.

Preserved and recently discovered documentation – compiled due to the research of hieromonkLeontijeAlavanja, one of the monks of Orahovica Monastery, in order to list all the victims of war from 1941 until 1945 from the two municipalities surrounding the Monastery – it was edited by historian Mr. Dragoslav Ilić, associate of the Center of Republic of Srpska for researching war, war crimes and searching for missing persons, from Banja Luka.

This is the first publication of the joint edition ‘Izvori/Historical Sources’. New publications of the edition are expected by the end of the year.

On the invitation by Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, for the Conference ‘Sites of Memory and Oblivion.The Present. The Future’, Museum of Genocide Victims has sent its senior advisor, Dr. DraganCvetković. Conference was held within the manifestation ’12 days of remembrance of Gestapo’s victims’, which has encompassed several other commemorative and scientific events.

Representatives of five countries (Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy and Serbia) took part in work of the International Conference. Also, members of various international organizations were present at the Conference.

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Conference explored various subjects related to the memorialization of killing sites from different angles, with the special emphasis on application of modern technologies such as digital content, Internet presentations etc.

Dr. DraganCvetković has presented his paper – Sajmište-a place of memories on the German concentration camp. Numerical determination and quantative analysis of Jewish victims’ – where he has introduced to the Conference participants with the Museum’s accomplishments in digital processing of the data on victims and with the possibilities of acquiring analytical data based on the case of Jewish detainees of Concentration Camp ‘Semlin’ (StaroSajmište, Old Fair Ground Concentration Camp).

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There are many aspects of cooperation between Jasenovac Committee of the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Museum of Genocide Victims. Joint conferences and publications are of particular importance.

First scientific symposium ‘New Martyrs – Poliperspective’ was held at the Memorial complex ‘DonjaGradina’ in 2015, followed by the three symposiums which were held in Zagreb, at the Serbian orthodox gymnasium ‘Kantakuzina Katarina Branković’. This year, special guests were two representatives of Russian Orthodox Church – His High Grace, Archbishop Marko of Berlin and Germany (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia), and His Grace, Bishop Inokentije of Kemerovo (Russian Orthodox Church).

Director of the Museum, Dr. VeljkoĐurić Mišina, has presented programs and activities of Museum, particularly publishing. He has announced two major projects. First project is the publishing of archival documents in regard to the life of Professor Dr. KrunoslavDraganović, who was Vatican’s priest, close associate of Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac of Zagreb and of the organizers of so called ‘rat channels’; secret channels used by Nazis, Ustasha and their allies in order to escape from Europe to South America. Second one is the project under the working title ‘Encyclopedia of the genocide in Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945)’. More information about reasons behind it and the content of this project was provided by historian DraganDavidović.

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Dr. Radovan Pilipović, director of Serbian Orthodox Church Archives, has spoken about the book of MihailŠkvarovski‘Holocaust and Orthodox Churches in the Second World War’.

Second part of the Symposium was reserved for the talk between His Grace Bishop Jovan of Pakrac and Slavonia and Mr. LordanZafranović;about his movies and the circumstances in which they were filmed.

Symposium was the part of the one-week long commemoration of New Martyrs of Jasenovac. Central event of the commemoration was the liturgy in the Church of Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, atJasenovac Monastery.


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