05 24 04 2017

Museum of Genocide Victims marked the date of breakthrough of the last detainees from the Jasenovac concentration camp on the 22nd of April 1945. As in previous years, we prepared a special commemorative program to honor the occasion.

Museum’s Acting Director Veljko Djuric Misina talked about what had been done in the past year and what the plans were for the following year.

Tanja Mehle, the daughter of the late Milan Bastasic who used to be a friend of the Museum, read a part of her father’s manuscript, pointing out that he donated his personal library to the Museum of Genocide Victims and asked that his manuscript “The Black Scarf of Bilogora” was published under the sign of the Museum.

Michael Ende from Jerusalem gave a speech to open the exhibition “Jadovno – Jasenovac – Kozara – Sajmiste” Prior to his speech, he presented the Museum with a sculpture and explained what it represented, mentioning that there was a similar sculpture made of stone and of much larger dimensions at one of Jerusalem’s squares.

The second part of the commemorative program began with songs of the band ‘Banija’ after which there was a promotion of the latest Museum’s publication written by authors Maja Kljaic Vejnovic and Nikola D. Turajlic: “In the Jaws of Genocide - The Suffering of the Citizens of Strmen, Crkveni Bok and Ivanjski Bok”. Alongside the authors, poet Mico Jelic Grnovic and Professor Dr Jovan Plavsa presented the book to the audience.


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