Intent on providing as much information about its activities as possible to the public, the Museum of Genocide Victims has organized a panel to be held in Odbrana Media Center (Central Military Club, Braće Jugović Street) on 26 June 2017 at noon.

On behalf of the host, Dr. Veljko Djurić Mišina will make the presentation of the Museum’s film and publishing production, after which Dr. Aleksandar Stojanović and Dr. Dalibor Denda will discuss the contents of the new releases.

The celebration of the centenary of the Toplice Uprising (1917-2017) was organized thanks to a mutually beneficial cooperation with the People’s Museum of Toplice in Prokuplje. The program included an exhibition in Kalemegdan. In that regard, the People’s Museum’s Director Darko Žarić will present the activities of his Museum, the new collections as well as Petar Marjanović’s book The Toplice Uprising 1917 (published in Prokuplje in 2017).


Dr. Veljko Djurić Mišina

Acting Director of the Museum of Genocide Victims

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