The cooperation between the Museum of Genocide Victims and the People’s Museum of Toplice yielded the exhibition entitled The Toplice Uprising 1917 to honor the centenary of the uprising against the occupiers. The two Museums also showcased their new releases.

Dr. Veljko Djurić Mišina, Dr. Aleksandar Stojanović and Liuetenant Colonel Dr. Dalibor Denda spoke about the MGV’s latest releases, while Darko Žarić, the Director and Petko Marijanović, the Advisor, did the presentation of the People’s Museum of Toplice’s recent projects.

The Museum of Genocide Victims screened the opening segments of the new feature-length documentary Semlin Judenlager. The film will be premiered within the program to honor the suffering of Serbian people during the German-Croatian offensive on Kozara.

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