Media Center Belgrade, 10 July 2017: Presentation of The Reappraisal of Srebrenica: The Collection of Works from the 2015 and 2016 Expert and Scientific Panels on Srebrenica (the joint publication of the Museum of Genocide Victims Belgrade, The Representative Office of Republika Srpska and The Strategic Culture Fund Moscow)

On the eve of 11 July each year, the entire region of the former SFR Yugoslavia (particularly the media and public domains of Serbia, Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina) turns into a battlefield of two parallel realities. On one side are those who consider the tragedy of Srebrenica in July 1995 to be an undeniable ‘genocide’ committed by the Serbian forces against the Muslim citizens in that region and believe the roles of the good and the evil to have been assigned a long time ago and apparently cemented forever. On the other side are those who are still fighting to uncover the truth and present it to the public, irrespective of how unpleasant it may be, to determine what the propaganda is and expose the geopolitical instrumentalization and the deflection of the blame from the true culprits of the Srebrenica tragedy (especially given that it is actually the culmination of various developments, including the wars in Bosnia and Herzegovina and SFR Yugoslavia, dating back to 1914 or even earlier and not a separate event).

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The collection of works is a contribution to the fight to unearth the truth about Srebrenica and the events of the 1914-1918, 1941-1945 and 1992-1995 periods in the domestic and international context. The content of these works indicates that the entire media propaganda, all Hague verdicts and all efforts to silence and censure have been in vain. Only the truth and nothing but the truth will truly pay tribute to all the innocent victims and represent the pledge of a lasting peace and the pacification in our region.

The following gentlemen presented the said collection of works: Prof. Dr. Veljko Djurić Mišina (Acting Director of the Museum of Genocide Victims), Mladjen Cicović (Director of the Representative Office of Republika Srpska in Serbia), Aleksandar Pavić (The Strategic Culture Fund), Dr. Radomir Pavlović (Vice-President of the Assembly of the Municipality of Srebrenica) and Prof. Dr. Nenad Kecmanović.

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