DjuroZatezalo, a longtime friend and associate of the Museum of Genocide Victims, has passed away.

djuro zatezalo

He left behind a rich bibliography of works. Some of his most well-known works include:I Did My Peasant’s and Blacksmith’s Job: Testimonies of Genocide (Serbian Cultural Society Prosvjeta, Zagreb 2005); and Jadovno - Complex of the Ustashi Camps in 1941, 1-2 (Museum of Genocide Victims, Belgrade 2007).

DjuroZatezalo was born on 21 July 1931 in DonjaDubrava (today the town of Ogulin) in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He was one of thirteen children of Marta and Rade. He graduated at the following schools and universities: the elementary school in DonjaDubrava; Teacher’s School in Karlovac (1951); Pedagogical College in Zagreb (1958); Philosophical Faculty in Sarajevo. Djuro received his Master’s Degree in 1969 before becoming a PhD in 1977 at the Institute for the State History and Law of the Faculty of Law(University of Zagreb) in the field of state-political sciences.

He worked as a teacher and professor.

He is the founder of the Historical Archives in Karlovac and played a pivotal role in the construction of a modern archive building, the only newly built in Croatia, of which he was the director for 30 years until his retirement on January 31, 1992.

Since 1960 he had been working on collecting and processing of the archive and memoir materials, publishing original materials as well as various expert studies.

He wrote 18 books (of which one was published in English and one in German) and over 160 scientific papers and reviews in the field of his expertise. He organized and participated in numerous scientific conferences, which topics of discussion were mostly the 20th century and the period 1941-1945 in particular. He is the editor-in-chief of dozens of monographs, studies and anthologies published by the Historical Archive in Karlovac and other institutions. He is the holder of numerous awards for special merits and achievements.

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