The Museum of Genocide Victims has added the production of feature-length documentaries to its framework of activities. The first documentary the Museum produced was entitled "The Hell of the Independent State of Croatia". The critical importance of this movie was confirmed by, among other things, the decisions of the major broadcasters, such as the Radio Television of Serbia and the Radio Television of RepublikaSrpska, as well as some smaller television networks, to show it to the public. The movie is also available on the Internet.

The next in line is a two-part film about the Sajmište concentration camp. Part one is entitled "JudenlagerSemlin" ("Jewish Camp Zemun"); Part two is entitled "AnhaltelagerSemlin" ("Concentration Camp Zemun").

The film was made to mark the 75thanniversary of the suffering of the Serbian people on Kozara (1942-2017). More than 8.000 people, mostly Serbs, ended up in Sajmište following Kozara. The film also serves as a reminder of the suffering of the Jewish people from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia with a special focus on Sajmište.

The same crew that produced The Hell of the Independent State of Croatiaworked on this documentary as well: Dr. VeljkoDjurićMišina, the author, and Dragan Ćirjanić, the director.

The premiere will take place on the premises of the Central Military Club on 21 October 2017 (Remembrance Day for the murders in Kragujevac in 1941) at 13:00.


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