06 11 2017

Mr. Goran Gvozden from Novi Sad, after visiting the monastery in Jasenovac on the day of the Holy Neomartyrs of Jasenovac, sent a letter to Bishop Jovan of Slavonia containing the names and personal information of the war victim members of his family.

  • SavoBlažo Gvozden (born 1888), Laminci Dubrave, Bosanski Novi
  • Petar Marko Soldat (1881), Lješljani, Bosanski Novi
  • Mladjan Petar Soldar (1908)
  • Djuradj Petar Soldar (1918)
  • Djuro Petar Soldat (1927)

By looking into our 1941-1945 War Victims database, we were able to find the following names:

  • Savo Blažo Gvozden (Bosnia and Herzegovina, page 589)
  • Petar Marko Soldat and his two sons, Mladjan and Djuro (Bosnia and Herzegovina, page 900). We were unable to find Djuradj.

Our database is available on our website.

By publishing these information, the Museum of Genocide Victims fulfills its obligations, serves as an example of good practise and points the way in terms of the research methodology.

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