01 16 11 2017

The Museum’s latest exhibition entitled “The Suffering of Serbian and Ethnic Minority Population in Kosovo and Metochia” was opened in The Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia (17 Takovska Street) on 15 November 2017. The authors of the exhibition are historians BojanDjokić and Dr. Nenad Antonijević. The authors used the available material from the Museum as well as from various websites, dailies such as Politika, Jedinstvo, Glas Javnosti, magazines such as Oteta Istina, and journalistŽivojin Rakočević’s photo archive.

02 16 11 2017

The exhibition shows the suffering of the Serbs and the ethnic minorities at the hands of the Albanian terrorists during 1998 through the following segments: The Abduction Phenomenon; The Belaćevac Abduction; The UÇK Attack on Orahovac; The Volujak and Mališevo Mass Graves; The Klečka Prison and Scaffolding; The Glodjane Scaffolding; Prisons and Improvised Concentration Camps; The Fascimiles; The Suffering of the Members of the Serbian Police; The Suffering of the Members of the Yugoslavian Army; The Suffering Following the Milošević-Holbrooke Agreement; The Panda Cafe Massacre in Peć.

03 16 11 2017

Dozens of colleagues, friends and associates of the Museum of Genocide Victims attended the opening of the exhibition, as did the representatives of the following: the Institute for Contemporary History; the Institute for Recent History of Serbia; the Institute for Political Studies; the Archives of the National Bank of Serbia; the Archives of Yugoslavia; the Republic Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Serbia; the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad; the Mauthausen Citizens Association; students of doctoral studies in history; the Association of the Killed, Abducted and Missing Persons in Kosovo and Metochia; students of the Railway Technical School from Belgrade with their Professor NadoBanjaninĐuričić; the media and internet portals (Radio Television of RepublikaSrpska,Politika Daily, Jedinstvo Daily, StanjeStvari).

There is a growing interest for the exhibition in other Serbian cities, such as Kragujevac.

04 16 11 2017

05 16 11 2017

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