02 19 12 2017

The very title of Nemanja Dević’s book Smederevo Region in World War II – War Victims, which was published by the Museum of Genocide Victims in 2016, meant it was only appropriate to promote it in Smederevo and the surrounding area. We started off in Smederevska Palanka on 16 December. The promotion was held at the National Museum and represented just one segment of the program Serbian Suffering in XX Century. In front of 70 visitors, Stevan Martinović, Director of the National Museum, gave the opening speech, followed by Veljko Djurić Mišina, who spoke on behalf of the publisher and also used the opportunity to introduce the audience to the activities and projects of the Museum of Genocide Victims.

04 19 12 2017

Dr. Djurić Mišina emphasised the MGV’s intentions to gather a group of young historians and help them in their scientific and professional development, as well as include them in the Museum’s long-term scientific research projects. BojanArbutina talked about his experience in a small research project concerning the fate of three villages in Banija in the Independent State of Croatia between 1941 and1945.

The author,NemanjaDević, talked about his book and how his research unfolded. He also mentioned the problems he encountered while searching for a publisher.

Finally, members of the audience had a chance to ask for clarifications and explanations concerning the contents of the book.

06 19 12 2017

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